MAL Ltd use the most up to date software to provide our clients with the best and most detailed information required from data capture collection. We work closely with Leica software products in conjunction with their instrumental hardware to maximise the output from the onsite survey work we complete. This enables us to provide highly accurate and detailed survey results in many different forms dependant on the clients needs.

The majority of survey drawing work is completed using AutoCAD software, in conjuction with leica conversion tools, to provide a computerised form of surveys taken. This allows MAL Ltd to manipulate data collected, in both 2D and 3D environments to provide the client with a much broader and comprehensive spectrum of outputs to choose from. Using AutoCAD software also reduces output times, ensuring a quick and efficient service as well as being highly detailed and accurate.
Drawings & Modelling
The introduction of new laser scanning technology now has improved the level of detail we are able to be obtain when compared to traditional surveying methods. It is faster, more accurate and can capture data that a total station may have not been able to reach. Many of our existing clients have already used this technology to assist in design. Fly view videos and presentations can be developed for you from the data. Scanning has already been used in a number of different applications and fields.

The purpose of our 3D scanners is to create a point cloud of geometric samples on the surface of the target object. If photographic information is collected at each point, then the colours on the surface of the object can also be determined. Once the input data has been collected via the scanner, these points can then be used to extrapolate the shape of the object and create a 3D model dependant on the clients needs.
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Modelling example
Elevation Drawing