Monitoring movement in structures is a completely different exercise than conventional surveying as nothing here can be accepted as stable until proven.

Our monitoring work is carried-out using precise survey equipment (Electronic Total Station) as well as permanent survey stations installed in ground and checked each time to ensure their stability and to maximise the precision of the results. Precise levelling is an accurate and reliable method of monitoring structures for vertical deviation. Manual or electronic precise levels are used depending on the frequency or the number of monitoring points.
Fixed levelling points are employed, surveyed by Leica DNA03 digital level and invar staff, and relate to level datums generally established in reference to the local Ordnance Survey benchmark or from areference point established off site.

The data from a monitoring project are issued as a Microsoft Excel document tabulated as change from base values, usually expanded into graphs and charts to show clearly the degree and direction of movement.
Monitoring & Levelling
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