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Once completed in 2014 the Leadenhall Building, referred to as the Cheese Grater, will be 225 metres tall and the main London headquarters for Aon. MAL Ltd have been contracted to provide the setting out for the external cladding and provide onsite as-built surveys to help achieve this new build.
The 52 storey building is set to be one of the tallest residential towers in Europe. The Tower ideally situated on the south bank of the River Thames in the heart Central London providing luxury apartments with outstanding views of London. MAL Ltd will be involved in the setting out for all main control and datums for all contractors, providing surveys of as-built structure and continual monitoring of building movement and settlement.
Heron Tower is a ellaborate structure consisting of 48 floors. After an 18 months presence on this project, reaching 230m (755ft), the range of works was quite vast. MAL Ltd were involved with works with numerous contractors for the cladding, lifts and main control and solved many issues regarding the building movemets (drift, bending, collapsing...) throughout this project.
St George's Wharf Tower
Heron Tower
A spectacular new development of 173 luxury apartments at the very heart of London's vibrant South Bank. This exisiting structure is being refurbished to increase the tower's height by a further 5 floors (bringing the total to 11) which would bring the tower to 155 metres (509 ft) with 18 additional apartments will be made. MAL Ltd have been contrcated to survey the existing structure for the design of the new glazing and to set it out.
Southbank Tower
One Canada Square is primarily used for offices, though there are some retail units on the lower ground floor. The building is recognised as a London landmark and was the tallest building in the UK from 1990 to 2010, standing at 235 metres. One of the predominant features of the building is the pyramid roof which contains a flashing aircraft warning light, a rare feature for buildings in the United Kingdom.
One Canada Square
This new development in Spain is a major business center which will complete the rebuild operation designed and materialized by Bilbao Ria 2000 Abandoibarra. It is the tallest building in the Basque region that will house corporate offices that will become the new landmark city of Bilbao. MAL Ltd has undertaken works in the installation of the facade to provide an elgant, but bold addition to the skyline of Bilbao.
Torre Iberdrola (Bibao, Spain)
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